The Collaborative Divorce Advantage

The Collaborative Divorce Advantage

Divorce Consciously to Protect Your Children & Avoid Financial and Emotional Bankruptcy

The Collaborative Divorce Advantage

*available in eBook & paperback


"In my 27-year experience with Collaborative Practice, The Collaborative Divorce Advantage has the best treatment of process choice, financial, child specialist and divorce coach descriptions I have seen. Buy or steal this book and give it to every divorce practitioner and potential or current client.” 

Stu Webb

Founder of Collaborative Law

"This book puts decency, practicality, and humanity back into the very sad, but common process of divorce. Too often, divorce is a vehicle for anger, self-righteousness, and vindictiveness. The enormous costs are born by former spouses, and their children, friends and families. Read and digest this book if you or your spouse are not getting along, have contemplated divorce or even never considered divorce. It will save you heartache, money, and self-respect, and protect your children from unnecessary emotional hardship."

Dr. Alan E. Fruzzetti

International DBT Expert, Researcher, and Speaker, Author of The High Conflict Couple: A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Guide to Finding Peace, Intimacy and Validation

"I strongly recommend The Collaborative Divorce Advantage to anyone wanting to spare their family the pain and cost of the standard litigated divorce in family court. This book is a short course in how to divorce collaboratively, including helpful guidance regarding finances, co-parenting and the emotional aspects of divorce."

Bill Eddy

Family Lawyer, Therapist, and Mediator. Developer of the New Ways for Families® skills training method, and the Author of several books, including High Conflict People in Legal Disputes

"I strongly recommend that you read this book if you are heading into divorce or helping couples. Coming at the tail end of a tunnel of heartache and failed efforts to reconcile, divorce has the potential to set the stage for both partners to chart a new course. Yet divorce can be draining and acrimonious, with unmitigated loss and emotional suffering. The Collaborative Divorce Advantage is unique in calling upon partners to walk through the process with eyes open, defining and living into their higher values, while acquiring the skills needed to stick to those values. Divorcing partners have the opportunity to manage emotional distress and hazardous relationship challenges wisely and skillfully, sparing their wallets and their restructuring family relationships for the future."

Charles Swenson, M.D.

M.D., Expert Trainer/Consultant/Author regarding Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Borderline Personality Disorder, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School

“If you’re even thinking about divorce . . . read this book! You’ll discover how a Collaborative Team will help you reach agreements that benefit you, your children, your partner, your wallet, your sanity and the quality of your co-parenting for years to come.”

Hal Bartholomew, JD

Founding President of Collaborative Practice California (

The Collaborative Divorce Advantage is an extremely useful read for couples who have reached the mutually shared conclusion that their marriage should end. This concise and insightful collection of essays by collaborative attorneys, mediators, certified divorce financial analysts, and licensed family therapists point out the risks and costs of traditional adversarial divorce litigation and illuminates a better path through the divorce minefield.”

Bruce I. Kogan, Esq.

Professor of Law and Mediator, Roger Williams University School of Law, Co-Founder and Past President – Rhode Island Mediators Association

The Collaborative Divorce Advantage explains in a straightforward and wise manner how to divorce successfully. The writing is friendly and clear — so many complex questions are seamlessly answered. Our communities would be healthier if this simple material were more universally adopted.”

Frederic Luskin, Ph.D.

Author of Forgive for Good

“This is a tremendous go-to guide for parents who want to do divorce differently. As a lawyer and a divorced mom of two sons, I wish I had a resource like this going through my divorce and the wisdom of these practitioners to guide us to a common vision when emotions ran high. There is no substitute for a caring team. This book will help you identify the kinds of practitioners you may want to help your family through this process — and the core values you will stick to during one of the most important transitions of life.”

Martha J. Hartney

Attorney and Counselor at Law, CEO of Children's Emergency Response Plan (CHERP)

The Collaborative Divorce Advantage offers clients and therapists alike easy-to-understand, sound, legal alternatives to the high emotional and financial costs of litigated divorce. I will recommend the Child Specialist chapter to every divorcing parent I work with to help them understand how their choice of a Child Specialist can impact their children's well-being for years to come.”

Nancy Ross, LCSW, BCD

Co-Author of Divorce, A Problem to be Solved; Not a Battle to be Fought, co-creator of the Collaborative Interdisciplinary team concept, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Mediator, Trainer, Psychotherapist & Collaborative Communication Specialist for Trusts & Estates

“I highly recommend this book to anyone considering a divorce and to family professionals! The Collaborative Divorce Advantage directly and concisely gives you what you need to make an informed choice about when and why to choose Collaborative Divorce or Mediation, and how to successfully navigate the process.”

Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Family Law Specialist and Mediator, Los Angeles and Adjunct Professor of Law, UCLA. Author of Collaborative Law Handbook (Wiley, 2009), Building a Successful Collaborative Practice ( ABA, 2018 Forthcoming), Complete Guide to Mediation (2015, ABA), Mediation Career Guide (Wiley, 2001), and Family Lawyer’s Guide to Unbundled Legal Services (ABA, 2017, Forthcoming).

"The Collaborative Divorce Advantage offers wise counsel and a truly adult approach to ending a marriage or long-term relationship, especially when children are involved. A must-read for divorcing couples and therapists on the front lines with couples contemplating divorce.

Judith Stevens-Long, Ph.D.

Malcolm Knowles Chair in Adult Learning and Development at Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara; Author of Adult Life: Developmental Processes.

“This excellent compilation of easy to read articles makes a great case for the collaborative approach to divorce in almost any situation. Moreover, the individual perspectives from professionals ranging from divorce lawyers to financial planners to child experts to coaches provide detailed and step-by-step ways that separating parents can hire professionals to work as a team to achieve fair and lasting settlements that enable each of them to move on with their lives.”

Alan Alhadeff

Alhadeff & Forbes Mediation Services, Seattle, WA

"This is a great book that is full of insightful information and scenarios based around Collaborative Divorce. It is not only an informative resource for divorcing couples but a relevant source to other professionals who are either directly or indirectly involved with individuals going through a divorce."

Laura Gustafson, CFP®, CLU, ChFC

Adjunct Faculty at Rhode Island College for graduate-level course The Legal and Tax Issues of Marriage, Separation, and Divorce

“These authors have truly made their mark putting Collaborative Practice and Mediation at the top of the legal mountain for families. From cover to cover, an innovative and insightful must-read for all divorcing couples and the therapists serving them. The authors successfully challenge divorcing couples as well as divorce professionals to segue from litigation towards the world of Collaborative Divorce and Mediation.”

Fred Glassman

Family Law Attorney, advocate for Collaborative Practice for decades, author of countless published articles on the subject, past President of Collaborative Practice California (CPCal) & Los Angeles County Family Law Association (LACFLA), recipient of numerous awards for his preeminent Collaborative Legal work.

“The authors bring to light the dignity, humanity, and strengths of the Collaborative Divorce Process in this engaging and informative book — an easy read with valuable information for anyone entering the life-changing transition of divorce.”

Vicki Carpel-Miller

Collaborative Professional and Trainer, Co-Author of Just Stop! series, Secondhand Shock: Surviving and Overcoming Vicarious Trauma & Secondhand Shock Workbook

“Historically and still, in too many countries, women do not have the option to choose their partners, let alone divorce in a respectful way that considers the well-being of all family members, with a protective net cast around the children throughout the transition. This is a trailblazing, important, must-read guide to creating workability for co-parents exiting a marriage that no longer works.”

Ellen Snortland

Lawyer, women’s rights activist, filmmaker, and Author of Beauty Bites Beast: The Missing Conversation About Ending Violence

“This book provides a good overview for couples who view their pending divorce as an opportunity to create a positive new future for themselves (jointly) and their children. It highlights what is possible when divorcing individuals share the same goals and each genuinely desires an outcome that honors the other.”

Kristy Larch

Attorney at Law

“If you are considering divorce, read this book. You will learn why working with your spouse is in everyone’s best interests. You will see how to do your work and what support is available.”

Ginger Boyle

Attorney/Mediator, Seattle, WA,

"Don't miss reading this small gem if you want a constructive divorce that lays the groundwork for loving parenting, and the healthy co-parenting of your children as you move forward!"

Paul Ross

Best-selling Author of How to Profit from Your Divorce, sharing how to put family and children unconditionally first.

“This book is a must-read for everyone considering divorce! As an advocate for women and children, and Executive Director of a nonprofit, I have witnessed the damaging fallout of an adversarial, litigated divorce — parents, and children are often scarred for life. Collaborative Divorce is a humane, game-changing way to transition families through divorce, and represents a paradigm shift in our culture's compassion for divorcing families. Kudos to all the authors for this fact-filled, easy-to-read, difference-making book!”

Pauline Field

Business Consultant and Author of Feisty & Fearless: Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders

The Collaborative Divorce Advantage is a long overdue and enormously valuable resource for anyone embarking on the road to divorce. The authors shed much-needed light on the various options and resources available to a divorcing couple and bring a refreshing clarity to a tumultuous and often complex process. If you know anyone contemplating or starting the divorce process, please do them a favor and give them this book.”

Kim West, JD, MBA

Divorce Coach, When It's Knot Forever

“A wise and savvy guide to divorce that empowers couples to own the process and costs, honor their children, and live a better life post-divorce. Buy this book at the very least, for the sake of your children, if you are divorcing.”

Stuart Motola, M.A.

Certified Life Coach & Author

The Collaborative Divorce Advantage

Proactively navigate your divorce...
starting NOW.

Start down the least contentious path to the best possible divorce outcome for yourself and your child(ren).

*Available in eBook & paperback